About Lynnafred

An aspiring Writer and current student at HCC, I'm all about trying to find a writing voice that suits me and the kind of writing I do: lots of longer fiction, some short stories, and currently Creative Nonfiction. I'm a terrible dramatic writer, but my more lighthearted pieces have been said to really shine.

Blogging isn't my strong point, but I figured that with the new semester came a new chance to really get this blog up and running with a lot of the things that interest me: reviews of games, movies, and books; excerpts from longer pieces and full length essays and stories that I've done either for class or for fun; and general rambling that gives an insight of what kind of person I am. Most of all, I want this to be like a living online portfolio: a place where I can see my own writing evolve and change, and a place where prospective employers can see what I do and what my writing style is like.