Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stupid things I do volume one: food

I noticed tonight as I was eating my dessert that I do a lot of stupid things concerning food. Some of them were thing I've noticed before but never really paid attention to: wiping off utensils before using them, cleaning the top of my soda can, only drinking out of one side of the glass... Stupid things like that. But tonight, I noticed a few new things.

Like sniffing my food before I eat it, even if it's something I just made. It could have come directly out of the pan and onto my plate, and I'd still give it a sniff before I ate it. I know what it is; I just made it. Duh. But for some reason, I have to give it that sniff before I pop it into my mouth.

The next thing I noticed today was that I always microwave my Italian ices before I eat them for about twenty seconds. So that they're soft and easier to eat. (Yes, before you ask, I have all of my teeth.) I just prefer the texture of Italian ice when it's been microwaved for a few seconds. It doesn't really melt it, just makes it easier to eat.

The last one I'll go into tonight involves Twizzlers. I use them as straws until they get soggy. Have you ever had strawberry flavored Coke? I want it if it tastes like Coke through my Twizzler straw.

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