Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quite the score

Ocean State Job Lot has a bunch of young adult books on sale right now, and it's quite a score on my part. At $1.50 apiece for hardcovers, I've been able to snap up a good collection of interesting, offbeat YA books for about eighteen bucks total. I'll write about them as I read them. If you're looking for a quick read (none of the books I've found so far have been more than 400 pages long - the average seems to be about 200 pages, in fact) then these are a great bet.  

All of the books are closeouts of the The Macmillan Children's Publishing Group family: FSG, Feiwel and Friends, First Second, Holt Young Readers, Roaring Brook, and Square Fish.

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Macmillan Teen Books - from which all other imprints' websites can be reached.


  1. The Road of Bones was excellent.

  2. I'm starting Head Case, which is just okay thus far. I'll probably read The Road of Bones after that.